Al Duff, Jr. is a mechanical engineer for the Department of The Navy, minister of the Gospel and entrepreneur who is known for his engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring messages that encourage people into their purpose in life.

Al is a unique personality, balanced with both technical and spiritual insight, who often comically shares his nuggets of life at his weekly bible study. He is the recipient of several awards of recognition and accomplishment both on the job and in the community.

Al Duff, Jr. is the founder and president of Speak to Me!, LLC, a sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor and teacher who has written several spiritually uplifting articles to his credit.

Because “understanding is a wellspring of life to him who has it” according to Prov. 16:22a, Al’s passion is to impart the wisdom of God’s purpose in people. He has traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad and has a wealth of knowledge to share that will edify and empower all unto unity and purpose in the Kingdom of God…even at work!
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The Kingdom at Work! message on DVD

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 Blacks In Government National Training Sessions:
Monday 11 August - 1:00p (Session #1)
Tuesday 12August - 8:00a (Session #2)
Thursday 14 August - 1:00p (Session #3)
Thursday 14 August - 3:00p (Session #4)
Friday 15 August - 8:00p (Session #5)

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(add S/H charge of *$2.03)

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The Kingdom at Work!
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