Al Duff, Jr. is a mechanical engineer for the Department of The Navy, minister of the Gospel and entrepreneur who is known for his engaging, thought-provoking and inspiring messages that encourage people into their purpose in life.

Al is a unique personality, balanced with both technical and spiritual insight, who often comically shares his nuggets of life at his weekly bible study. He is the recipient of several awards of recognition and accomplishment both on the job and in the community.

Al Duff, Jr. is the founder and president of Speak to Me!, LLC, a sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, mentor and teacher who has written several spiritually uplifting articles to his credit.

Because “understanding is a wellspring of life to him who has it” according to Prov. 16:22a, Al’s passion is to impart the wisdom of God’s purpose in people. He has traveled extensively throughout the US and abroad and has a wealth of knowledge to share that will edify and empower all unto unity and purpose in the Kingdom of God…even at work!
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The Kingdom at Work!

"Empowering you with God's purpose in the workplace!"

Greetings Beloved! 

Welcome to my website --The Kingdom at Work!  My goal is to share with you information and insight that will both edify and empower you into kingdom purpose, challenge you to dare walk closer with the Lord, tell you what's coming up and bless you in the name of Jesus.   (Check out the updated "Photo Gallery" for some surprise & special guests!!)

The latest kingdom message on DVD is still available (see below), and you can also purchase the AUDIO CD versions --your choice of sessions. Even though NOT ONE session is ever the same, What you will definitely learn is:
  •     New Kingdom concepts for this season
  •     Our Real Authority in the Kingdom of God
  •     The Essence of How the Kingdom operates
  •     A Kingdom Diversity perspective in the Workplace as Believers
  •     Effective Workplace applications of our resources, gifts & talents, and more!

We know you will be edified and THANK YOU in advance for your vital support, so check out the offers in the "Kingdom Resources page!!

Enjoy this Website and, Please forward this URL to your "believing" friends just to bless'em!  If you are new to The Kingdom at Work! please email me at: to sign up for our regular newsletter!   

Thank you so much!!

May our awesome God and Father richly bless you as I look forward to hearing from you soon!  --Eph. 3:20 - 21 

Your servant and brother,

Al Duff, Jr.
The Kingdom at Work! 

"Empowering you with God's purpose in the workplace!"

phone: 1.888.777.5735

Kingdom at Work!  DVD


Capture the energy and excitement of this special meeting into your spirit and Share in the message of the Kingdom of God!  Pass it on to bless your co-workers, family and friends!!

Your $20 donation puts it into your hands!

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